Making Money from Vapor Liquid

Why Vapor Liquid Is A Better Choice Than Tobacco written by: michaelflorentin Just about any educated person in the world can tell you that tobacco products carry significant health risks, which makes vapor liquid clearly the better choice for any smoker. While there are still arguments about the safety of vapor liquid, there are very few people who would argue that it has anywhere near the potential to damage your health as traditional tobacco products.

Vapor liquid is the liquid pack that is inserted into e cigarettes that generally contains nicotine and some type of flavoring. Most high quality vapor liquids do not contain glycerol, and are generally thought by most leading health officials to have far less damaging effects than regular tobacco. Because of this using vapor liquid in e cigarettes is quickly becoming a popular alternative for smokers, and it is even becoming popular among people who have never smoked regular cigarettes.

vapor liquid picIn addition to it being a healthier option, the best electronic cigarette liquid also makes good financial sense for smokers. For years traditional tobacco has been heavily taxed by the government in their attempts to dissuade people from smoking. Since vapor liquid is not a tobacco product it is not subject to the same type of punitive taxes making it a far less expensive option for smokers. While money alone shouldn’t influence your decision on whether or not you should try vapor liquid, it is a strong motivating factor that you should definitely consider.

Another great reason to try vapor liquid and e cigarettes is that you can usually use them in places where smoking is banned. There are few things more annoying to a smoker than having to leave a social occasion and go outside and smoke. Since vapor liquid is not smoke it does not have an odor, and is not considered to be a danger to those around you. Because of this there are not any laws banning the use of e cigarettes in public places meaning that you can use them at bars, restaurants, and in many cases your workplace. The lack of odor is another distinct advantage of vapor liquid since it will not cause your clothes or your home to have the smell that is associated with cigarette smoke.

vaping an e cigVapor liquid, and e cigarettes in general are a relatively new addition to the marketplace that is quickly becoming a hugely popular alternative to traditional tobacco. Due to their many benefits including being considered to be healthier, being odor free, less expensive, and also not restricted from public use, many new people are choosing to try them each day.

Much like traditional tobacco vapor liquid also comes in a variety of flavors allowing you to choose one of your liking. By taking the time to do a little research you can quickly and easily find a wide variety of high quality vapor liquids to choose from that may very well help you to quit smoking regular cigarettes. Vapor liquid is the future for smokers, when compared with regular tobacco it is simply the far superior choice.

My New Gucci iPhone Case is Irresistible!

designer phone caseHonestly, I love my phone just as much as the next woman, but would I go and spend 200 bucks on a designer leather iphone case? Well, actually yes, I would and i did …

No one can deny that Gucci is synonymous with class and style. Since 1921 the brand has been starting with fine Florentine leather work and artisanship, flavoring it with the elegance of English nobility and bringing us quality pieces of clothing and accessories that simply ooze style and luxury.

And when such Italian elegance touches cutting edge technology in the iPhone, what’s not to love? Gucci has its own range of iPhone and iPad cases that are enough to make any fashionista drool over the pieces.

The iPhone Case Line

Gucci’s line of iPhone cases is a stunning array of colors and refined lines in high quality leather and are some of the best designer iphone cases I have ever seen!. The most basic of these (which can hardly be called ‘basic’ for the fine lines and the craftsmanship) is a range of cases with the typical Gucci interlocking G pattern signature. This design comes in a variety of colors and textures, such as rubberized leather in black, with a variant in blue.

For those looking for something more striking, Gucci has the crocodile leather iPhone cases in two colors, a warm paprika and a bright marigold yellow.

You don’t have to be a dowd if you love animals. Gucci has not alienated those of us who are more earth conscious. The Gucci iPhone case range includes micro leather cases in dark brown with the Gucci signature.

Honestly, this video is me, Ha !!

There are other leather variations without the signature, in micro leather with embossed diamante leather. Gucci also has cases in white and beige fabrics and canvas with contrasting leather trim, which is great news for the animal lover who wants a sleek and stylish case for her iPhone.

There is also a special edition case in black shiny patterned GG leather embossed with the two Gucci Gs, and now I am talking, proper Gucci fashion style! This item was inspired by the Fiat 500 by Gucci which was launched at the Geneva Auto Show of 2011. This particular piece has exquisite detailing and a red and green thread trim on the tab clasp for added interest, to match the Fiat’s beltline.

Types of closure

The Gucci iPhone cases come in two kinds of closings. Most of the cases have a tab snap closure. Some of the cases are zip-around, giving them the appearance of a small clutch. This is a very feminine case that women can use for events where they’re carrying off a feminine dress or gown. The zip-around cases come in two colors – ‘Bordeaux’ wine and pink. Both are made of shiny Guccissima leather and are sold exclusively on the Gucci website.

What is Guccissima leather?

The Gucci iPhone cases are made of high quality Guccissima leather, which is the Italian leather that is ‘so Gucci’ that it’s embossed with the letter ‘G’ connected in a diamond pattern. This leather is used in all of Gucci’s accessories, both for men and women.

If you wish to make a fashion statement, there is nothing that works better than a well-crafted piece of accessory. And the Gucci iPhone cases are pieces that can complement any outfit and show off the best of their attributes. And the cases are quite reasonable, starting at a little over a hundred dollars.

The trouble will be choosing which case to buy. Or with such reasonable prices and so many exciting options, maybe it will turn into a case of which not to buy?